Clapboard made of larch is extensively applied for internal finishing of buildings and structures. Currently, clapboard is one of the most popular types of materials used in construction activity. It is explained by its high strength and resistance to rotting. Larch is less subject to destruction by insects and mushrooms than its “coniferous kinsmen”. For example, this parameter in larch is twice as high as in pine. And unlike it, clapboard made of larch doesn’t change color from yellow to blue. Clapboard is intensively impregnated with resins, which scares wood-fretters and is a reliable protection against rotting.

Clapboard is fire resistant and looks very beautiful. If we look at a cut-off, we may see pronounced annual rings, which are especially eye-catching when used for finishing of rooms. All this makes clapboard made of larch unusually attractive for consumers.


Work piece thickness

Work piece width

Work piece length

90 мм 120 мм 145 мм
12 мм 3 000 – 6 000 мм
19 мм 3 000 – 6 000 мм